How open VR lab. Practice of Virtual Reality: no space, no equipment, no supervisor!

Authors: Inna BOND & Edward A.B. Egbe

VR MEDICA. The platform of medical simulators in virtual reality space.

Yes, Artificial Intelligence (AI) , Machine Learning (ML) and Virtual Reality (VR). We discuss as the next technologies that will transform how we live our lives and how businesses operate globally. And one of the only ways to stay relevant today is to keep up with these swift changes sweeping across industries and our daily lives.

So, we open the VR Laboratory for: Education, Corporation, Enterprise, Training Center, etc.

We make medical VR Lab. For example, in: Medical Universities and Colleges, Clinics, Hospitals, First Aid training centers, beauty centers, etc. But in general, our experience of building VR Lab is suitable for any industry. Basic elements for building VR Lab is the same.

Tutorial in virtual reality. VR MEDICA

4 Basic elements:

№ 1. VR Simulator or VR Program;

№ 2. VR Equipment;

№3. Management system;

№4. Data center (database).

The standard model of VR lab is shown in the diagram below:

VR Lab. 5 Units. VR MEDICA

The example above shows the solution to open VR Lab, 5 units. VR Programs are pre-installed to VR Equipment (wireless). There is training in self-learning mode. To control and management the learning process there is a casting mode. Casting Mode: Casting Software connects to VR Equipment and displays video material (VR Trial) to the instructor monitor. In our example: on the tablet. The Management Platform aggregates, processes data (results, evaluations). And also manages access to VR programs, service and updates of VR Software.

VR Simulator / VR Program:

We wrote about VR programming in our posts.

The main concept for VR programs is: Tutorial, VR scenarios, 100% educational standard, Quest-learning, WELL DONE, Interactive, Amazingly realistic, Spiral didactics, VR UI / VR UX, Gaming elements, Brain-friendly learning, Getting WOW / medical.

VR Equipment:

In our projects of VR Lab we use virtual reality helmets, wireless. Model: Oculus Quest, high degree of visualization and amazing realistic. VR Equipment Oculus does not require an additional IT infrastructure for doing VR simulators. Casting Program and casting equipment we use to control and demonstrate the VR tracks. For VR simulation is enough VR helmet — Oculus Quest.

Management system: Student web, Instructor Web. VR MEDICA.

Management System:

Special Module — Database, Software, Web Interface, Dashboard to control VR Lab. The module is integrated into the company’s information systems, to enable data on the passage of VR practices in general results. Or as a standalone system.

Data Center:

One of the important elements of VR Lab. Analysis of metrics, reports and feedback. Quality of education and customization of VR products. Organized in the data centers of the company on a standalone or external resources.

VR technologies can truly generate a positive impact in the corporate space.

The introduction of new innovative technologies into familiar educational processes is not the most simple task. But, when using a centralized standardized model and creating one center — VR Lab for all structural divisions or faculties, it can give more economic effect and business growth.

We love technology. Technologies are changing the world and make it better.

Join to us: now!

About the authors:
Inna Bond is a technology leader, creator of digital solutions for the medicine of the future, from Moscow, Russia.
Edward A.B. Egbe is the creator of new technological digital trends. Abuja, Nigeria.




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Inna Bond

Inna Bond

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